This form of physical mediumship is truly amazing. It has given so many of my clients such peace and closure. This is a serious and rare gift that comes from a place of love from the client and spirit and is to be treated with respect and gratitude from the wonders of the spiritual universe.

Light Work

For different reasons many people have had negative energies that invade their home. I help to rid people of these unwanted energies in their homes and teach them how to continue to protect themselves.

Crossing Over

Due to different circumstances spirits often stay in a state of limbo. Being a medium I am able to help these spirits cross over into the light and finally find the peace they have been searching for.


A medium is someone who has the ability to communicate with the people who have passed on to the after life. Mediums are able to receive messages from your passed relatives or friends with four forms of mediumship.

I would recommend Dora without reservation for all the questions you are seeking answers to. The Wisdom and insight I gained was overpowering and the confirmations were out of this world. She has the utmost concern for her clients. My life has been "lit" up! I will most definitely be visiting her again. Laura from Kitchener, Ontario