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Crossing Over

When we leave this dimension we have family members and guides to help us cross over. But some people aren’t ready to leave this plane or just haven’t come to terms with their own death. They could have died suddenly and are confused why they can’t be heard or seen. Sometimes there are personal issues that might hold them to the earth plane. Mediums can help by communicating with spirits who are scared or confused or be the bridge between them and the ones left behind when there are messages that need to be said so that they can cross into the light.

They don’t go into the light because they are so confused by what happened to them.

Then there are people who have committed suicide and cannot forgive themselves. Many times there will be angels and relatives trying to help them but they ignore them.

These spirits stay in a state of limbo. Not all suicides suffer from this condition. There are situations where a person holds strong, emotionally charged thoughts. This can create a separate energetic form called a Negative Thought Form Energy. Sometimes there is much anger along with grief from family and friends when they lose a loved one. This energy can effect the spirit in a negative way where they can not fully crossover into the light or complete the journey. They are in energy form but remain in the earth or material plane of existence. In this condition they are ghosts or earthbound spirits. Usually there will be poltergeist activity from the anxious spirit, things being moved anything to get attention. You might also feel their upset energy effect you, feeling anxious or even some of their health ailments that they had. These spirits are not at peace and welcome the prayers and energy work that will help them return home into the light.

Being a medium I am able to help these spirits cross over into the light. This picture was taken after I crossed over an elderly lady, spirits are rejoicing.
spirits rejoicing
As they begin to see this light, we ask that loved ones or friends and family come forward to meet them. Most people have loved ones there to meet them, but many times young children do not recognize anyone, and are met instead by an angel or see other children and they usually cross over rather easily in order to play with the other children.

Drug overdoses can be more difficult to cross because of their confused state preceding their death. Our purpose is to get them to let go to where their guides can help them over. The important part is to help them let go of their old physical life, and we tell them there is a wonderful life and friends waiting for them.

When I do a rescue I usually feel energy going through my body and get all tingly as the spirit goes through into the light. After they have crossed over the opening always has to be sealed so nothing else can go through.

It is comforting to know that there is always some sort of confirmation that comes from the rescued spirit.

The Spirit world is right here around us. What separates the Earth plane from the Spirit world is dimension.

It is through this doorway of consciousness and dimension that the Spirit must pass in order to enter the Spirit world. Once we pass through our experiences will differ to some degree, but it is the same doorway for all of us.

In Spirit, we are eager to communicate with our loved ones. We meet our departed loved ones and there is a grand reunion. It is so wonderful as we meet our family members and friends, waiting at the threshold to welcome us into the new life. People who are close to their time of death often see their loved ones in Spirit, waiting for them. This gives them great comfort, and a sense of knowing that everything will be alright.

The whole of the Spirit world is comprised of various levels of consciousness and states of vibration. As we move along in the Spirit world we pass through these various stages.