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Transfiguration means to be able to see spirit. It is a truly remarkable gift from the spiritual universe and is very rare in the western world. I can certainly understand my clients amazement when they take part in this unforgettable experience. I also was blown away when this gift surfaced in my mediumship readings. It is undeniable proof of life after death. Even though people come with great excitement to connect with their past loved ones, it takes them back in amazement once the faces of family and friends start to appear. They often say to me ‘how can this be possible’?

I myself did not know of this form of physical mediumship, until one day I was connecting with a spirit getting ready for a reading with her granddaughter. I had connected with this lady for previous readings and was very comfortable and in tune with her energy. When she had finished giving me the information for her granddaughters reading, she very clearly said through clairaudience and showed me clairvoyantly what she would like to do during the reading. As I sat there thinking she said ‘Dora you have a new gift!’ Do I have your permission? Of course I said YES. Since that day I have continued with this amazing gift, it has been part of my daily life. In the beginning I must say I was a bit apprehensive not knowing too much about it and not being able to find another medium that had any experience with this mediumship ability. The universe connected me with a man in England who was a Transfiguration Guru. His help took any fear I had away and he encouraged me to stay with it, for he said it was a gift from the divine and there were only a handful of mediums demonstrating with Transfiguration.

Transfiguration was popular during the Victorian period and the beginning of the 20th century, when interest in spiritualism was at its height. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a great supporter of spiritualism, including transfiguration. He wrote books on the subject and was president of the College of Psychic Studies in London England.

During transfiguration the face that materializes may appear to be almost translucent, or in some cases the medium’s face might disappear altogether.

This is a rare and specialized gift from the divine.
This takes place when the medium goes into an altered state of awareness and becomes subservient to the spirit and gives the spirit permission to enter her body. The Spirit is now connected with the medium and the bridge between two worlds is complete. Now the spirit through great effort will start to manipulate the medium’s facial features. It isn’t just the face that can be affected during transfiguration. Other parts of the body can also take form of the spirit; the medium may appear taller or shorter, changes can occur with the hair and other physical features. If the spirit used to wear certain clothes or jewelry these too may materialize. In most of my sessions there is more than one spirit that comes through.

What a sight to see!

How Is Transfiguration Possible?

The spirit takes ectoplasm from the body of the medium and will place it a few centimeters in front of the medium’s face like a mask.

Spirits who wish to be seen press their faces into the ectoplasm. Usually this takes place with a low red light, however some transfiguration mediums can demonstrate in daylight.

Often many different faces will come one after another- sometimes only seconds apart. Amazingly enough even my eye color will change to that of the spirit.

The spirits will often communicate with the different energy lights that appear around the medium. I am always able to feel the spirits entering my body. Sometimes the spirit needs to be crossed over and I have been able to cross them over during the transfiguration.

The proof is in the pudding. What confirmation for the information just received in the reading.

It will take you some time to process what you have seen. I am still in amazement with the wonders of the spiritual universe and always will be.

Recently the energy of clients past lives have been surfacing more often during readings. The exciting part is that it also has been surfacing during the Transfiguration process. My clients have found this quite exciting! This also has been made possible with the wonders of Transfiguration.
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Spirit guides have also made themselves known during the sessions. Recently during a Transfiguration session my client asked if she could see her spirit guide. He came through clearly. She proceeded to tell me that she had a spiritual artist channel her spirit guide years ago. After returning home she found the picture and emailed it to me. She was thrilled it was the same native Indian man.

It makes my heart burst with pride to think that God has given me such a rare and unique gift to help others. What comfort it gives to my clients to see their loved ones as proof that they are still living and continuing their life in such a wonderful way.